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23yr Girl @ Colombo Kandy Camshow with face

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Message Me only in Telegram: 0719367865
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Hey there! Looking for a memorable encounter with a petite girl? Well, look no further because Im here to fulfill your desires. Im Sofiya, a stunning 22-year-old. Above is my real pic

I take great pride in my fit and attractive body, and as a half-Indian beauty, I bring a unique charm to our time together. Whether you
e seeking an in-person rendezvous or an exhilarating cam show, Im here to make your fantasies come true.

For real meets, my rates are:
👉 1.5 hours for 6000
👉 3 hours for 8000
👉 5 hours for 11000
👉 Overnight for 15,000

For cam shows with face, I offer:
👉 10 minutes for 1200
👉 20 minutes for 1600
👉 30 minutes for 2200

Im open to fulfilling all your requests and love being the center of attention. From sensual body kisses to enticing stripteases, the choice is yours. We can even indulge in a steamy shower together for added excitement.

As your mischievous girlfriend, I promise to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I take pleasure in ensuring you feel like royalty in my company. And don worry, if you
e clean, we can even explore without a condom.

My services include:
👉 Mind-blowing BJ
👉 Thrilling play
👉 Sensual body licking
👉 Tempting rimming
👉 Deep throat excitement
👉 Genuine girlfriend experience (GFE)
👉 Adventurous couple services
👉 Seductive lesbian encounters with a cuckold twist
👉 Enchanting showers together
👉 And much more!

I cater exclusively to high-class clients who appreciate the finer things in life, so prices are negotiable. I prioritize discretion and will communicate location details via whatsapp chat.

If you
e ready for an unforgettable journey, reach out to me on WhatsApp. Your message of desire is eagerly awaited.💋💋
Available locations
👉 Colombo
👉 Kandy
👉 Matara
👉 Hikkaduwa
👉 Galle
👉 Malabe
👉 Kurunegala
👉 Katunayake

Message Me only in Telegram: 0719367865
No whatsapp❌❌❌

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Before making the payment, please check below whether the bank account numbers, Ez cash or M cash numbers given to you are identified as fake accounts.

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