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This is Jaanvi, Friendly , and sensual lady. Im 42 yrs, but once you see me youll realize that age is just a number. Im doing NURU Treatments very proffesional way since it is a very proffesional treatment in other countries.
I want you to give a satisf,y ending with my treatments. Hence Im using original Nuru Gel for all my sessions as well.
I can give my best as Im doing this as a part time job.
Call after 12noon for appointments.

Good News for another genuine clients around Nugegoda !
Don miss out .. Here I came to Nugegoda for some time.
If you are looking to get real NURU experince just come over !   

Im Jaanvi , professional nuru therapist in NUGEGODA, AT MY OWN APARTMENT.
I invite only VIPs and High, professionals and decent people, not the time wasters.

My Terms & conditions
❤using the real nuru gel for sessions
❤ Now Doing as Part time
❤100% Real picture
❤My service for only Gents.
❤Don p call me Ladies or Couple.
❤No Full Night
❤No Anel
❤Plz read the advertisements well & call me
❤When you paid for any package it will not refund due to any reason.
❤100% Satisfaction & Relaxtion Guaranted

Rates as follows,

👉Only Full Service 6500/-
👉Nuru & Happy Happy ending 7000/-
👉Nuru Treatment & Full Service 8,000/-
( One hour)


👉Shower, OR Lingum, Nuru Treatment, & Full Service 10,000/- (One hour)
👉Full Service Two Times 12000/* ( One hour & 15 Minites)
👉Shower, Nuru, Lingum Massage & Full Service Two Times 13500/* (One hour & 30 Minites)


I want to inform you that my working ours would be changed as follows as Im doing this as a part time.

🚫9Am - 8pm ( take ur appointment within this time period)

Call me 0763 116 717

Thank you !

මුදල් ගෙවීමට පෙර, කරුණාකර ඔබට ලබාදෙන බැංකු ගිණුම් අංක, Ez cash හෝ M cash අංක ව්‍යාජ ගිණුම් ලෙස හඳුනාගෙන තිබේදැයි පහතින් පරීක්ෂා කරන්න.
Before making the payment, please check below whether the bank account numbers, Ez cash or M cash numbers given to you are identified as fake accounts.
பணம் செலுத்தும் முன், உங்களுக்கு வழங்கப்பட்ட வங்கிக் கணக்கு எண்கள், Ez Cash அல்லது M Cash எண்கள் போலி கணக்குகள் என அடையாளம் காணப்பட்டுள்ளதா என்பதை கீழே சரிபார்க்கவும்.

Click to Check is a fake account

භාණ්ඩ සහ සේවා ලබා ගැනීමට පෙර හෝ ගනුදෙනුව තහවුරු වන තුරු මුදල් දීමෙන් වළකින්න. සියලුම ගෙවීම් පිලිබදව සැලකිලිමත් වන්න.

Avoid giving money before receiving Products and services or until the transaction is confirmed. Be careful with all payments.

full service දැන්වීම් සදහා හමුවීමට ප්‍රථම මුදල් ගෙවීමට තරම් මෝඩයෙකු නොවන්න.

Don't be a fool to pay before meeting for full service ads.

ඔබගේ ඕනෑම දැන්වීමක් අප වෙබ් අඩවියේ පලකල හැකි අතර ඔබ පලකරන දැන්වීමේ කිසිදු වගකීමක් අප විසින් නොගන්න බව දන්වා සිටිමු. මෙය නිදහස් වෙබ් අඩවියකි.
කරුණාකර ගෙවීම් (බැංකු, ජංගම, ආදිය) ගැන ඉතා සැලකිලිමත් වන්න. මුදල් මාරු කිරීමට අනන්‍යතා තොරතුරු ලබා ගන්න.
අපි සපයන්නේ මාර්ගගත වෙළඳ දැන්වීම් පමණි. ඔබේ ගනුදෙනු සඳහා අපි වගකිව යුතු නොවේ.
Please be very careful about payments (Bank, Mobile, etc). Do a video call or get identity details before transfer money. 
We only provide online advertising.
We are not responsible for your transactions.